Devon Sean McCullough
			Cybernaut & Imagineer

As an innovator I invent gizmos, write software and design hardware.

2015-present	Create shared virtual reality & tactile output devices
2013-2015	Emergent Network Defense - neural network security
2010-2013	Samurai Circuits - Arduino & embedded drivers
2009-2010	Green Party volunteer & MIT ToTS project
2007-2009	Nutrition Quest - online wellness coaching
1998-2007	Network Guild - internet security - Partner
1993-1998	Internet Access - Cincinnati's first ISP - Founder & CEO
1980-1993	McCullough & McCullough Engineering - consultants -
		educational, medical, telecom & video hardware & software
		for government, commercial & nonprofit clients
1979-1980	Institute for Delphinid Research, Grassy Key, Florida
1978-1979	McGinnis & McCullough - novel legal software
1976-1978	Datek - Arlington, Virginia's first computer store
pre-1976	Sell candy & rent comics to the other neighborhood kids

2012	Make and exhibit chatoyant hologram machine at the first
	Maker Carnival China in Beijing's Digital Millenium Museum.

1991	Google Glass PoV (Persistence of Vision) precursor with
	dataglove at the annual USENIX conference - Google Glass
	technical director Thad Starner was inspired by my hand
	wired prototype as a student at MIT's Media Lab.

1979	Original PoV display design wins Old Dominion University's
	Engineering Open House Competition.  A German engineer
	gave me the idea but after the awards banquet it turned out
	I'd simply misunderstood his broken English.

1978	Fractional bit data compression but IBM patents it first.

1974	Gift-wrapped cricket-caged straw-nestled alabaster egg
	with a hilarious care and feeding manual prefigures
	the multi-million dollar "Pet Rock" fad by a year.

Association of Lisp Users
Dim Sum Labs (artists' and hackers' space)
Sea Kayak meetup

English & French native speaker
Fair Italian, broken Spanish, notions of Mandarin & Russian
Concert and fund raising event promoter
Mike Gravel, Ralph Nader and Green Party presidential campaign staff
Wilderness First Responder (certification not current)
Reiki First Degree
Tae Kwon Do, T'ai Chi
Hike, bike, paddle, tube, raft, surf, sail, cave, climb, unicycle, morris dance

+1-703-568-4638 <> Skype:Devon77 WeChat:Devon Sean McCullough