Greetings prospective client:
I propose to hack jsPDF to support PDF-2.0 AES-256
which is deployed by Adobe but not published.
The published PDF-1.7 AES-256 is insecure.

I'm not on the ISO-32000-2 committee —
I don't have a copy of the draft-ISO spec
but other developers have posted enough detail
that there's a good chance I can do it in a day.

If someone has a copy, hire them instead
or get a copy and hire the best = me.
Questions?  Ask Devon7 at Skype.


P.S. has a non-crypto demo
which is a great starting point — it runs offline
after you do it once online
to load the libraries.

Pick the "user input" demo,
run once online,
unplug your network,
run again and again offline.

Clone this, redecorate, add crypto, you're ready for prime time.